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Customer Reviews
Wen Ying

Got this as a gift from friend. Really love these. This biscuit snack is not so sweet. Suits me just well

16 January 2021

Really sedap. Very addictive. Hubby and the kids suka gile! 

16 January 2021

Bought pineapple with salt. Memang sedap! Husband, son & daughter snek on it while watching tv. Habis tinggal few pieces for me saje... sure will buy again!

8 January 2021

I know it's worth of effort finding you guys. So in love with the gifts! Thank you so much! Looking forward to work with you again 

8 January 2021
Zulfarhan Yusof

Thought it's just another brand/ pack of granola, mana tau SEDAPPPPP GILE!!! Not too manis, just nice pulak. Goes super well with milk for breakfast jugak. Will surely get this again! Next time buat promo lagi ye!

30 December 2020
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