The Story of TheTwoPineapples

How it begins..

The Two Pineapples is a homegrown brand founded by 2 sisters from Malaysia who used to work in the food & healthcare industries.

When the sisters decided to settle down back in M'sia, to have their own family and children, they realized the importance of educating their children with healthy eating habits when they are still young. Having wholesome food and a moderate intake of a variety of nutritious food is good. But the challenge comes in snacking, which can be addictive and hard to break. Hence, they decided to get involved in making delicious nutritious snacks. 

They hope to empower local communities while promoting healthy lifestyle and good eating habits.

A Blessed Opportunity To Do Greater Goodness

By chance, they stumbled across the idea: why not snack on fruits? They are filled with natural goodness & palatable. But fresh fruits cannot be stored for long, which goes into waste. Also, the urge of snacking usually comes during odd times between main meals. For instance, between meetings, running family errands, stuck in the heavy traffic.

So they decided to make fruit snacks - Natural, No Added Sugar, No Coloring, No Preservatives & most importantly, No Chemicals!

And the journey unfolds...

Upon sourcing freshly harvested fruits from local farms directly, the fruits were washed with enzyme solutions and were treated delicately with low temperatures for very long hours. The natural vibrant color and robust flavor that you see & taste from the products are all-natural. Many could not believe that there was no added sugar at all.

We thank our dedicated farmers for the supreme quality of the fruits.

Only with good quality fresh fruits, we can put in our best effort to turn them into yummy goodies.

Our Commitment

The Two Pineapples believe that children should start having healthy eating habits since young. And wholesome food without added sugar, chemicals, or preservatives can be delicious too.

With our children in mind, we are dedicated and devoted to creating safe and healthy food products that are suitable for all to enjoy.