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[Back To School Promo - Buy 5 Free 1 Bundle] Children Daily Snack Pack (fruit based)
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  • Suitable for children & seniors
  • Suitable for our muslim community
  • Can snack on fruit snacks as it is, or enjoy them with yoghurt, ice cream or granola
  • FREE 1 pack of handcrafted snowflakes with dragonfruit, a snack that is less sweet, but are surprisingly loved by people of all age (especially if you fancy milk-based snacks/ sweets)
  • Optional Add On PWP Promo: Entitle to purchase ONE bottle of premium lemon + orange refreshing fruit tea (caffeine-free) @ RM28 (30% discount from normal selling price RM40)  

After many months, children are going back to school. This doesn't mean Covid virus is gone and we are safe.


We've grown to know the importance of taking nutritious food and include other conscious means (e.g. exercise) in order to stay healthy during this pandemic.  So in light of this, we are launching a special promotion for working parents. Woohoo!!! The selected fruit snacks are packed specially for you so that your children/ you:


  • can choose a variety of fruit snacks to school every day
  • easy & convenient to prepare & bring to school
  • quick bites during recess times, avoiding the need to go to the crowded canteen 
  • have a peace of mind, knowing that your child is have snacks that are relatively healthy


Moreover, as part of our continuous effort in giving back to our customers & community, we also offer a PWP (purchase with purchase) promo. This promo entitles you to purchase 1 bottle (optional) of premium orange + lemon fruit tea @ RM28 instead of RSP RM40 (i.e. 30% discount)!


NOTE: With every purchase of 1 set of 5 + 1 Children Daily Snack Pack (fruit based), you are entitled to purchase ONE bottle of orange + lemon fruit tea @ RM28.

*While stocks last

*Terms & conditions apply.


What's in it?

  • Children's favourite #1: Pineapples x 1 pack
  • Children's favourite #2: Dragonfruit x 1 pack
  • Children's favourite #3: Fuji Apple x 1 pack
  • Choose 2 from the following varieties: Mangoes, Golden Pear, Banana Coin
  • FREE Handcrafted Snowflakes with Dragonfruit x 1 pack (small)
  • OPTIONAL Add-On: PWP promo of Orange + Lemon Fruit Tea @ RM28 x 1 bottle (suitable for parents to enjoy a cup of refreshing fruit tea while taking a break and enjoying some 'me' time)

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