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  • Children-friendly
  • Suitable for children who doesn't take much fruits or don't enjoy eating fruits
  • Suitable for children who tends to snack a lot, and you are exploring a healthier option
  • Suitable for pregnant women
  • Suitable for postnatal women (we air dried our fruits, hence, making them 'less windy/ cold' for consumption)
  • Suitable for fitness enthusiasts, workaholics and those who pull all nighter 
  • Deliveries within Malaysia & Singapore  

'My boys love the original pineapples so much, they requested it for dessert...'

'...and your pineapple legit good! My cousin keep telling me about this pineapple since this morning. Going on and on. Hahaha...'

'My daughter kept munching on the dragonfruit snacks.. I gave her two small pieces each time when she behaves. Hahahaha...'

'The starfruit... out of my expectations... Actually I don't like fresh star fruit...but...this taste good!' 

Yes, you are right, these are genuine feedbacks we receive from our customers. We use premium fruits fresh from local farms as we feel the need to support local community first! These farmers put in a lot of effort and hard work to produce good quality of fruits. 

As we also promote natural wholesome food, we don't add any sugar, no maple syrup (i.e. a form of added sugar), no preservatives and no chemical additives. These healthy snacks are natural, and hence, suitable for children, pregnant ladies/ postnatal women and elders. 

There are good energy snack for hunger relief when stuck in traffic jam, and a yummy munch to bring along during traveling/ outdoor activities. If you are weight conscious, this can be one of your options when comes to midnight snacking or to include in your pile of snacks at your work desk! 


How to enjoy this:

- Snack on its own

- Topping for granola/ cereal/ yoghurt/ ice-cream

- Infuse with water to make infused fruit tea (brew for 5-10 mins)

As these are freshly crafted, our regular varieties include:

  • Pineapples (original, naturally sweet & sour) - robust flavour
  • Pineapples (with Pink Himalayan Salt) - less robust flavour, with a refined taste
  • Dragonfruit - crunchy snack that is naturally sweet


Our seasonal varieties include:

  • Starfruits
  • Assorted guava
  • Assorted mango
  • Honey jackfruit
  • Banana coins


*We do customise our range of products for doorgifts, events and parties as well. Do contact us should you be looking for something different and unique for the occasion.

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