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[Raya Aidilfitri Gifts] Premium Jewel Gift A
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Brand TheTwoPineapples
Size (L x W x H) 30 cm x 18.9 cm x 8 cm
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The Ramadan fasting & celebration of Raya Aidilfitri encompass many things, and one of the thing that we personally enjoy most is GOOD FOOD!


May it be home-cooked rendang, kuih-muih brought by neighbours or our all-time-favourite nasi lemak, there are so much choices out there, and it is important to plan meals 'strategically' for a balance diet  =) Well, one may say it is not what is been served on the plate, but the joy of having family & friends gather together for the festive celebration. However, due to the pandemic, many are not able to balik kampung, or to visit others...


With this in mind, TheTwoPineapples have crafted the following premium Jewel gifts for those who want to show warm greetings to their family, friends & colleagues during this Ramadan & Hari Raya Aildilfitri. Ain't gifting during festive celebration a good way to show that you care? =)


What's so special about this? Well, the premium Jewel gifts contain healthier range of snacks, which is a good way to wishing one to have good health!


Should you need more information for bulk purchases, do drop us a message via WhatsApp. We are always motivated & excited to bring you unique & worth value varieties to make your gifting experience a memorable one. 


What's in it?

  • Premium Dried Mango
  • Premium Dried Pineapples
  • Freshly Roasted Edamame
  • Freshly Roasted Pistachio
  • Handcrafted Snowflakes with Dragonfruit
  • Greeting card x 1
  • A Classic Gift Box (Transparent)

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